Why did you change the name to Boardthing?

A few people have asked, "Why did you change the name to Boardthing?"

Our original name was Kardbord, but there's a product with a similar name and the founders of that were a little peeved about it. We love the name Kardbord but we try to be nice guys. One of our guiding principles is "Play well with others."

And while a cool name is nice, it's really all about the app and what it can do for you, right?

I mean, let's be real. There are a lot of web-based board things out there and it's hard to remember all their names. Have you ever had a conversation like this?

MaGoo: "What was that board thing we were working on in our last meeting? Damn, I can't remember."
Squarepants: "I can't remember, they all sound the same. Let me Google it."


Cardboard thing
Whiteboard thing
Sticky note thing
Collaboration thing
Online meeting thing
Brainstorming thing
Innovation thing
Canvas thing
Facilitation thing
Distance collaboration thing
That really cool thing
Cool tool thing
Web app thing
Gamestorming thing
Remote work thing
Board thing

Squarepants: "Well damn, I can't remember. But I found one of them, let's try this one."

Well we thought we would save you all that Googling.

So we're calling it Boardthing. Yep, Boardthing.com. Can't remember the name of that board thing? Just remember Boardthing. Easy to spell. Easy to remember (we hope). That's our name and we're sticking with it. For now.

But if you still really like Kardbord, well that'll still work too.

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